Street Bike Classes

Our most popular Course is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course. This class is perfect for everyone from the never-ever rider to intermediates wanting to improve their skills and be safer. It also works great for those who haven’t ridden for a while. This curriculum is administered nationally and it works very well.

  • Familiarization with motorcycle controls and their operation
  • Clutch Control
  • Slow riding skills
  • Shifting and braking
  • Adjusting speed and turning
  • Cornering, swerving, and counter­steering
  • Stopping on a curve
  • Stopping quickly

Getting Licensed:

There are two separate ways to get your Colorado Motorcycle License Endorsement:

  1. Complete the full Weekend MSF BASIC RIDER COURSE, which includes a written anda riding test  and qualifies you for an endorsement upon successful completion.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to any Colorado Driver’s License office and take the written motorcycle permit test then contact us for an appointment to take the riding portionof the test. (You must possess sufficient riding skill to perform the test with no instruction)

Dirt Bike Classes

There are lots of people out there who have always wanted to try riding a Dirt Bike, but just haven’t had the chance. That’s a shame and we have the answer. Spend a day riding with a Nationally Certified Instructor. We can provide all the gear and expertise for your day of fun and you’ll develop some great skills along the way. This class is pure fun and can also serve as a warm up to Street Bike Training or License Endorsement Testing.

Some of the skills we’ll work on include:

  • Use of Dirt Bike Controls
  • Starting and Stopping (brakes and clutch)
  • Riding Posture
  • Shifting gears
  • Using Lower Body to Control the Bike
  • Turning Techniques
  • Riding Over Obstacles
  • Counterbalancing
  • Traversing Hills


Please contact us for weekly class schedules. Private programs available.

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